Through the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Rotary clubs bring together a diverse fellowship of young leaders from different home backgrounds, levels of education, religions, and areas of extracurricular involvement to collaborate, learn, grow and take on the opportunities of their generation.

Rotary Clubs throughout the District support RYLA by awarding young people the opportunity to participate , or, in other words, sponsor them to participate by paying their registration fees.

There are a number of important responsibilities each Club assumes when sponsoring participants, beginning with a commitment to pay registration fee. In order to reserve places for the participants your Club will sponsor at this year’s conference, a Club Commitment Form must be submitted by August 15th. Payment is required upon submission of the Club Commitment Form (please note: payments made prior to July 1 will not be deposited until after the new Rotary Year beings on July 1 of the given RYLA year).

Other responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the conference to young people
  • Recruiting and selecting participants
  • Ensuring that participants complete their registration forms - all participants must be registered for the conference one month prior to the conference start to ensure we have housing, staff and conference materials for them
  • Ensuring that participants have transportation to/from the conference
  • Ensuring that participants have guidance and support in applying what they learned at the conference upon their return home.

Recruiting and Selecting Participants

Each Rotary Club has the opportunity to sponsor any number of participants for RYLA.  Any high school young man or woman, regardless of race, creed or color, who  eligible to participate in the conference (however, we do suggest concentrating on students in their Sophomore or Junior year).

District 6220 RYLA Committee recommends each club first commission a Participant Selection Committee, considering the following guidelines:

  1. Establish a selection process timetable based on the due dates and responsibilities listed above.
  2. Establish your own criteria for selecting students. Consider using the Sample Selection Criteria.
  3. Collaborate with local schools. Throughout the District, clubs have repeatedly worked successfully with principals, guidance counselors, and teachers at high schools to promote the conference and identify and recruit participant candidates. Consider drafting a letter or email and send to local school officials to solicit assistance, possibly including the RYLA Fact Sheet to give them more information.
  4. Some Clubs have found it successful to also post a newspaper add and have interested students email them, from there they have the interested parties fill out a Participant Interest Form to collect information.
  5. Engage former RYLA Conference participants in recruiting (and even selecting) participants.
  6. Identify and recruit a pool of candidates and conduct interviews using the Sample Interview Questions to help students perceive more value in their opportunity to participate in the conference.
  7. Select alternate candidates in the event that any of your primary candidates cannot attend.
  8. Give honest feedback to students that were not selected to participate in the conference.

Participant Registration

Once your Club has selected its participants, it must ensure that each participant completes the online Registration Form. This will ensure that your Club’s participants are officially registered for the conference. Failing to submit the online application will void participation in the conference.

Engaging and Supporting Participants:

Finally, your Club is highly suggested to host participants at a regular club meeting before and after the conference. This gives the participants you sponsor a great opportunity to get to know more about Rotary and what is means, as well as, thank members for sponsoring participation in the conference. Additionally, your Club is suggested to continue guiding and supporting participants’ leadership efforts in their school, home, and community following the conference. This gives your Club the opportunity to further make a difference in the lives of these young people in their community and become even more deeply connected to Rotary.