Here we have assembled a comprehensive list of forms and documents to assist Participants, Rotary Clubs and Facilitators:

Information for Participants:

Participant Registration Form – After you have received confirmation from a Rotary Club that they will be sponsoring you to attend RYLA this year please fill out this form to ensure you have a space saved for you.

What to Bring – For some helpful hints about what to expect from Mother Nature and what to pack.

Information for Rotary Clubs:

Club Commitment Form – Fill out this form after your Club Board has voted on how many participants you are sending to RYLA this year, this is essential so we plan correctly for housing and staff.

RYLA Fact Sheet - A document with information about RYLA. (NOTE: It can be modified to add your Club contact information instead of District contact information so you can send it to local schools/organizations when recruiting candidates.)

Participant Interest Form – This is the form that was previously available electronically for you to use to collect interested participants contact information and have a few questions about leadership answered, it is now available via a document for you to download and modify/use as you feel is most necessary for your Club.

Sample Selection Criteria – A set of sample criteria your Club may use when looking at all recruited candidates to help select which you want to interview.

Sample Interview Questions – A set of sample interview questions to use after you have chosen our candidates and are interviewing them to make final selections.

Information for Facilitators:

Position-Description-Student-Facilitator – Information for those who have attended RYLA as a Participant and want to be part of planning this year’s conference, as well as, lead a small group during the conference. Here is a document stating what is expected of you as a Student Facilitator, however, we suggest you talk to your Student Facilitator too!

Position-Description-Super-Facilitator - Information for those who have attended RYLA as a Student Facilitator and want to be part of mentoring this year’s Student Facilitators, planning the conference, and problem solving along the way to ensure RYLA goes as smoothly as possible. Here is a document stating what is expected of you as a Super Facilitator.

Position-Description-Rotarian-Facilitator - Information for Rotarians who have attended RYLA as a participant and want to continue giving back to the program by attending again. This requires you to co-lead a group of 8-10 participants along with a Student Facilitator and Manito-wish staff member.